Jordan and Betsy Knorr


The nitty gritty..

I (Jordan) grew up all over the place that included 15-20 different homes that were scattered through western Canada and 5 states.  Moving to so many different places, and leaving the old ones behind, I was driven to figure out who I was, who was the person that I was going to say Jordan was at the next place?  God put in me the the desire to know who I was in a genuine and real sense.  Trying to find out who I was in the party scene or in the mixed martial arts world or even pretending like I was a Christian, never brought any true satisfaction.  I must admit I didn't really know who I was going to say I was till I was 19.  During this time I had been praying hard for about six weeks asking God, if He existed, to reveal Himself to me because I heard He died for me but I didn't feel the way I thought I should've felt about someone dying for me. I wasn't convinced or grateful.  

Driving home one night from the place where I trained in martial arts God broke into my life.  I didn't hear an audible voice but God began to do surgery on my heart.  I asked myself with what I now know was with the Holy Spirit's influence, "Jordan are you satisfied fighting with your fists or chasing woman in the party scene, does this truly satisfy you?"  Yelling, "NO" I began to weep. Then I asked, "Do you want to be satisfied?"  Now yelling, "YES" I began to weep harder.  Suddenly the good news of Jesus Christ became as real to me as the car I was in, I realized God has already revealed Himself to me through His word.  God changed my heart and revealed to me that everything He said in His word was true!  He saved a wretch like me, something I didn't and will never deserve.  So to say thank you to Him, I now fight for Him, I chase Him alone, and in doing so I have found true, life-giving satisfaction that I know will last for eternity as it was intended to be. 

From that moment on I quit fighting with my fists and trusted God to find me the wife that He has. Through the Spirit teaching me obedience to His word (the bible), obedience to His body (the church), and the continual day in and day out of learning to deny myself for the sake of His glory, I began to learn what it means to fight His way.  There came strong convictions of my personal sin followed by confidence and thankfulness that Jesus wiped them away when He died for me, taking the punishment for those sins.  Therein lies what has over taken my daily thoughts.

He left us a guide (the bible) to show us how we are supposed to live, and he gave us His Holy Spirit and spiritual brother and sisters (the church) to help us along the way.   I can honestly say that I truly believe that the satisfaction our hearts long for can only be found in making Jesus Christ the Lord of our life. 

Now I know without a doubt who I am, and it has everything to do with whose I am, I am a child of God.  


"Jordan is a man who loves Jesus and pursues an honest authentic relationship with Him.  Jordan also loves the outdoors and enjoys hiking, camping and wilderness survival. He has the ability to relate outdoor living to inner spiritual living. He gets insights from God’s natural world and from God Himself and translates those into practical lessons for life. Jordan loves God and loves people and his heart’s desire is to help people in their spiritual journey." - Gerry Taillon, Executive Director @ Canadian National Baptist Convention. 

I (Betsy) was raised in a Christian family of six, and being the oldest of four girls has always been exciting. We were all homeschooled from kindergarten straight through to graduation. This flexibility with our schooling gave us many opportunities to be involved in many activities. Growing up I was constantly a part of different after school Christian clubs, these trained me to memorize verses, to grow friendships and how to participate in life in a Godly manner. When I was six years old I was listening to a children’s audio tape about how when we die we can be separated from God if we do not accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior and we would go to hell. Mostly out of fear I got down on my knees right then and there and asked Jesus to be Lord of my life. As I grew in my faith and understanding of the Bible and God I learned that I can have a loving relationship with my creator and that I can lay down my life for a God who is bigger than every problem that arises in this world. At 11 years old I was baptised and at 17 years old I rededicated my life to Christ. As God has brought fellow brothers and sisters into my life, He has helped them to challenge me to be more like Christ. Through growth with other believers I have learned how dark my natural tendencies can be and how much I need a Savior to be continually sanctifying me for His work. My husband and I have been lead to plant a church in Penticton B.C., and we have already been faced with many challenges that are growing us daily. We continue to press each other onward for Christ and His Kingdom so that we may glorify the name of God.