On his way to Damascus to find and persecute more Christians, the Apostle Paul was abruptly introduced to the Son of God and the savior of all mankind.  Just 2-3 years after this experience that changed his life, making him a child of God, Paul did something that has inspired and solidified what my wife and I believe is God’s calling at this time of our life.  What did Paul do?  He went home, back to Tarsus where he knew intimately the hopelessness of day to day life that seemed to serve no eternal purpose, nor offered true satisfaction. 

Separately we both left our homeland, the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia Canada, looking for more, we were both looking for a deeper and a more genuine life with Christ.  We thought maybe theological education might fulfill this desire and we met on campus in Calgary in 2006.  Education helped for sure, but we found something that was even better.  After we got married and were looking for a place to fellowship, God brought us to a body of believers called The Pathway Church.  There we found family, spiritual fathers, spiritual mothers and spiritual brothers and sisters, a type of family we didn’t even know could exist.  They accepted us where we were and though imperfectly, strove and desired to display Christ in all their actions. It’s been three years now since we walked into those church doors but something has changed. We, like Paul, now find ourselves looking back at the land we were raised in and our hearts break with the desire to offer and introduce them to a family and a community like the one we found: A community that does life together while focusing on Jesus Christ in partnership with other communities that do the same.  We want to co-cultivate with Christ a truly satisfying life that offers an individual the opportunity to wake up in the morning knowing, that without a doubt, the God of the universe and a family that is tighter than biological blood will be there for them in every season of life.  We know this is only possible through the mutual acceptance of the One who accepted us first and cleansed us from our sin. This is the story we will tell, this is the power we have been given, this is the Gospel.