In order to do all aspects of life together we WORSHIP our Lord together, we WELCOME each other into our homes and lives and we WORK together either in the ministry or at our daily jobs.  

Imagine waking up every morning knowing that without a doubt there is a community who has your back.  They have your back no matter what you have done in the past or what you may do in the future.  They have a common goal and they desire the best for each other.  Their defining mark is that they love Jesus Christ and strive to display His love by unconditionally loving you and others. This is the focus of TRUE NORTH, to become a family that is tighter than blood, who will be there for each other in every season of life, doing every aspect of life together, willing to give ourselves away for the sake of Christ.     

When you join True North you will also join a life group.  With this group you will meet once a week for a time of focus on our Creator. Together you will read, pray and discuss in order to invade this world as a unit armed with the good news of Jesus Christ.  God's desire is that we will grow life long relationships and learn to live and love like Jesus did.  Once a month each life group will have the opportunity to go on an overnighter in the wilderness to learn about God's creation where we will find out who we really are as we focus on Him!  If an over nighter hike isn't for you we encourage our life groups to get outside somewhere, that could be at the beach, the park, a back yard or on a short day hike, just gotta do it together! 

Once we've launched, every Tuesday evening from 6 - 7:30pm all the life groups and visitors will come together for a service to worship our God!