Presently Making Followers of Jesus in Penticton BC. 

A Biblically based community that does all aspects of life together in order to Make much of Jesus Christ!

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Some of the ways we do life together and ways to get connected:



Community Beach Fire Feast

How to find us: We will be on the Okanagan beach around the fire pits at the North end of Power Street.

We will have a fire going and the atmosphere will be kept kid friendly.

We will be there at 6pm every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month. We are asking people to bring their supper, Betsy and I will be cooking ours over the fire (we put all types of goodies in tinfoil like meat and veggies and spices and throw it onto the coals! Mmmm mmm good!) and encourage you to do the same but if you want to bring pre-made stuff that is totally fine too.

Because we want to bless our community, about every fourth gathering we will try to supply the main course and ask people to bring a side dish to share potluck style.

Remember the point of these evenings is to meet your community and build relationships. See you on the beach!

Join our the Community Beach Fire Facebook Group HERE to stay informed.

You can also text or call:

778-531-2471. All are welcome!



New location for True North Bible study and Core Team training! All who wish to understand God and the Christian faith better are welcome.

Location: Upstairs (use side door with our sign on it) @ The Fraternal order of Eagles @ 1197 Main St, Penticton.

When: The 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month @ 6pm to 8pm.

Additional Info: Bring bible, pen and a note pad. Baby sitter, play mats, toys and a crib will be provided for the young ones in a separate room.

On the weekends we Can do stuff like this and still be back in time for Service Sunday Afternoon: